Krishmatics is a dedicated education and service platform aimed to assist healthcare organizations and health IT professionals with 21st-century challenges and opportunities. Simply put, we provide integration and data management solutions to add value to your clinical data and improve patient care. Also, we have an education platform to equip new generation big data, health IT workforce.

Our cloud-based approach to integration and data management provides our customers with in-depth insight into a number of operational, clinical, marketing and sales functions which in turn helps them to take effective decisions.

In this complex environment, we strive to achieve efficacy by utilizing service oriented cloud technologies and tools along by emphasizing on the secure use of data between patients and veterans of health care industry. Our elite certificate courses and seminars in analytics and informatics bring world class health education to India at the affordable price to help students build their robust career base in data science and analytics.


Dr.William Hersh

William Hersh, MD, FACMI, FACP is Professor and Chair of the Department of Medical Informatics & Clinical Epidemiology in the School of Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Dr.Ninad Mishra

Dr. Ninad Mishra, MD, MSHI, PHIF is an Indian origin physician and scientist living in the United States. Over the last decade, he has advised private sector enterprises as well as the government of the United States of America.

Corporate Address:

572 Bellbrook Ct, Lawrenceville GA
30045 USA